Adobe Captivate Reviewer

Adobe Captivate Reviewer 2.5

Adobe Captivate Reviewer is an Adobe AIR application

Adobe Captivate Reviewer is an AIR application that will help you view, edit and comment on Adobe Captivate projects. Although you may think that you need Adobe Captivate installed on your computer in order to use the Adobe Captivate Reviewer, that is actually not necessary, as the Reviewer is a stand-alone AIR application. Therefore, you can modify or review any projects without the need of having Captivate installed. However, for opening Captivate projects you need the video files to be created using Captivate 4, otherwise the extensions of the projects won't be recognized, and the application becomes useless.

The extensions of the files, which can be used with this Captivate Reviewer are: crev, svf and zip. This application can be used on three operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and that's because Adobe AIR is available for all three operating systems.

Once you launch the application, you are able to load a Captivate project and edit it in many ways. You can add voice comments in mp3 format over the original soundtrack of the project, or you can also add customized text comments by editing the position, text style, color and text size. The output of this piece of software will be an XML file.

If you have Windows XP, Windows 7 or Vista installed in Portuguese language, you will not be able to use this program, because the installation window crashes suddenly. Even changing the language settings of the operating system will not solve this problem. A solution for this problem was not found yet. If your operating system is in Portuguese language, this program will definitely not work.

If you want to modify a Captivate project, to comment on a Captivate video, or if you simply closed a Captivate project without saving it and want to recover it, this application is the best solution to do all such things.

Rory Shaffer
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